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Bathmate Before and After Pictures! (My Amazing Results)

  • by Justin Josh
Bathmate Benefits

Welcome to my blog post on Bathmate Hydroxtreme before and after pictures and videos! If you’re curious about the amazing results that people have achieved with the Bathmate hydro pump, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I will share the benefits of using Bathmate, real user reviews, before and after results, 8 tips to maximize your results, and where to buy Bathmate.

Before we dive into the before and after pictures, let’s talk about the benefits of using Bathmate hydropumps:

  • Increased Penis Size: One of the most sought-after benefits of using this penis pump is the potential increase in penis size. By regularly using this device, you can experience noticeable gains in both length and girth. This can lead to increased confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom, enhancing your overall sexual experience.
  • Improved Erections: Bathmate penis pump is known for its ability to improve the quality of erections. By creating a vacuum around the penis, it encourages blood flow, resulting in stronger and harder erections. This can be particularly beneficial for those who struggle with erectile dysfunction or want to enhance their performance.
  • Enhanced Sexual Stamina: Using a Bathmate hydropump can also help improve your sexual stamina. By regularly engaging in exercises with this device, you can strengthen the muscles responsible for controlling ejaculation. This can lead to longer-lasting sexual encounters and increased satisfaction for both you and your partner.
  • Boosted Confidence: Feeling confident in the bedroom is crucial for a fulfilling sex life. Bathmate penis pump can help boost your confidence by providing you with impressive results. As you see improvements in your penis size and sexual performance, you will feel more self-assured and ready to take on any intimate encounter.
  • Increased Self-Esteem: Using a Bathmate hydro pump not only improves physical aspects but also has a positive impact on your self-esteem. When you feel satisfied with your sexual health, it can translate into other areas of your life, boosting your overall self-esteem and well-being.
Bathmate User Reviews and Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it, let’s hear what other users have to say about Bathmate pumps. Many men have reported positive experiences with Bathmate penis pump, noting significant improvements in their erections and overall sexual confidence.

Some users have even mentioned increased sensitivity and more intense orgasms. It’s important to note that results may vary from person to person, but the majority of users have been satisfied with their Bathmate experience.

Here are some of these reviews:

  • This thing absolutely does as promised. Tight secure suction, second best to none. Extremely powerful and gains are evident. Definitely recommend, worth the money. – Chris G from WA, USA
  • Really like this pump, incredibly powerful, just feel the girth expansion already starting to stay, blood capacity feels like it has already gained in a few weeks. Use it in a 4 days on 1 day off schedule. – Todd Z from MA, USA
  • I love it – in just 2 weeks I am starting to see results. I even have a bit more confidence in myself. I’ve recommended this product to most my buddies! – Eliseo R

Read more Bathmate reviews.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme Before and After Results (6 Weeks)

Now, let’s get to the exciting part – the before and after results! I want to share my amazing results after using Bathmate for 6 weeks. Before starting my Bathmate routine, I measured my penis length and girth.

After just a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a significant increase in both length and girth. Not only that, but my erections were harder and more sustainable. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my confidence and overall sexual satisfaction.

Penis Pump Before and After Pictures from Bathmate Users

If you’re still skeptical, I understand. That’s why I want to showcase some before and after pictures from real Bathmate users. These pictures are a testament to the effectiveness of the Bathmate penis pump and the incredible results that can be achieved with regular use. You’ll be amazed at the transformations and the positive impact it has had on these individuals’ lives.

How to Get The Best Results from Using Bathmate Hydro Pump?

Using a Bathmate penis pump can be a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your sexual experience and boosting your confidence. But to get the best results, it’s important to use it correctly.

We’ll share 8 tips and tricks to help you maximize the benefits of using Bathmate.

Bathmate Hydroxtreme pump - The Best Bathmate pump

1. Get The Best Bathmate Pump

When it comes to using Bathmate pumps, the first step to getting the best results is to ensure you have the right pump for your needs.

Bathmate offers a range of penis pumps that cater to different sizes and goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, choosing the right pump will make a significant difference in your results.

Hydroxtreme is the best penis pump on the Bathmate website. It’s designed for those who are looking for maximum results and are willing to invest in their size and sexual health. This model features a unique hand pump that allows complete control over pressure and creates maximum results.

2. Use The Right Bathmate Size

Size matters when it comes to using Bathmate. It’s essential to choose the right size that fits your current measurements.

Using a penis pump that is too small or too large can affect the device’s effectiveness and hinder your progress. Take the time to measure yourself accurately and select the appropriate Bathmate hydropump size for optimal results.

I have created a size guide chart below to help to determine the correct size for you.

Note: The below measurements are for your erect size.

Up to 5 InchesHydromax3 – Hydroxtreme3 – Hydromax5 – Hydroxtreme5
Between 5 – 7 InchesHydro7 – Hydromax7Hydroxtreme7Hydromax7 Wide BoyHydroxtreme7 Wide Boy
Between 7 – 9 InchesHydromax9 – Hydroxtreme9
More than 9 InchesHydroxtreme11

If you still need advice, you can contact Bathmate support.

Follow Bathmate instructions

3. Follow Bathmate instructions

Bathmate pumps come with detailed instructions on how to use the device correctly. It’s crucial to read and follow these instructions carefully to ensure you’re using the penis pump most effectively.

Skipping or overlooking any steps may prevent you from achieving the desired results. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the instructions and incorporate them into your routine.

4. Shave Your Pubic Area

Before using the penis pump, it’s recommended to shave the pubic area. Shaving helps create a better seal, allowing for maximum suction and a more comfortable experience.

Additionally, shaving will make it easier to clean the penis pump after each use, ensuring proper hygiene and longevity of the device. I recommend adding Bathmate Trim when you buy your penis pump.

5. Warm-Up

Before using the Bathmate Hydroxtreme, it’s advisable to warm up the area with a warm towel or by taking a warm shower. This will help relax the muscles and promote better blood flow, enhancing the effectiveness of the penis pump.

A warm-up session of 5-10 minutes will prepare your body for the pumping session.

6. Massage

Incorporating massage into your routine can further enhance the results of Bathmate. After each pumping session, gently massage the area to promote blood circulation and aid in recovery. This will help prevent any potential soreness and promote overall penile health.

7. Clean Your Pump

Maintaining cleanliness is essential when using a Bathmate pump. After each use, make sure to clean the pump thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. This will prevent the buildup of bacteria and ensure the device remains in optimal condition.

Regular cleaning will also help extend the lifespan of the pump. Use the Bathmate cleaning kit that comes with Bathmate Hydroxtreme to clean your penis pump.

8. Consistent Routine

To achieve the best results, it’s important to incorporate the device into your daily routine. Set aside a specific time each day for your penis pumping sessions and stick to it.

Consistency will help you track your progress and maximize the benefits of using the Bathmate.

Where to Buy Bathmate?

When it comes to purchasing a Bathmate penis pump, it is highly recommended that you buy it from the official website. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Authenticity and Quality Assurance: Buying from the official website guarantees that you’re getting an authentic product. Counterfeit products are a common issue in the market, and they can be ineffective and potentially harmful. By purchasing from the official website, you can be confident that you’re receiving a high-quality product that meets all safety standards.
  • Exclusive Offers and Discounts: The official website often provides exclusive offers and discounts that you won’t find elsewhere. These promotions can help you save money while still getting the best product available. Keep an eye out for special deals and bundles that can enhance your experience without breaking the bank.
  • Customer Support and Warranty: When you buy directly from the official website, you gain access to exceptional customer support. The team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and is readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, purchasing from the official website allows you to benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Discreet Packaging and Shipping: Privacy is important when it comes to purchasing personal products like the Bathmate. Buying from the official website ensures that your order will be shipped in discreet packaging, maintaining your privacy. The shipping process is also efficient and reliable, ensuring that your product arrives on time.

So, where can you buy Bathmate? Simply visit the official website and explore the range of products available. Choose the model that suits your needs and take advantage of the exclusive offers and discounts.

Bathmate Routines to Maximize Your Results

Here are some effective routines that can help you achieve your desired results:

  • Beginner Routine: If you are new to using Bathmate Hydroxtreme, it is recommended to start with a beginner routine. This routine involves using the Bathmate hydropump for 5-10 minutes per session, 3-4 times a week. Start with a low pressure and gradually increase it as your penis becomes accustomed to the device.
  • Advanced Routine: Once you have completed the beginner routine and your penis has adapted to the penis pump, you can move on to the advanced routine. This routine involves using a Bathmate pump for 10 to 15 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week. You can also increase the pressure to further enhance your results.
  • Combining with Exercise: To maximize your results, it is recommended to combine its usage with regular exercise. Exercise such as jelqing and stretching can help improve blood flow and overall penile health. It is important to perform these exercises correctly to avoid any injuries.
  • Listen to Your Body: While using the penis pump, it is important to listen to your body. If you experience any discomfort or pain, it is recommended to decrease the pressure or take a break. It is important to prioritize your safety and well-being.

By following these Bathmate routines and incorporating regular exercise, you can maximize your results and achieve your desired goals. Remember to start with a beginner routine, gradually increase the pressure, and be consistent in your usage. Listen to your body and prioritize your safety.

Before and After 6 Weeks (Videos)

Below is my first time using Bathmate Hydroxtreme 7.

It’s been a successful week. Slight length gains were made and quite a change in girth. And that at the end of week one! Five weeks to go and I’m looking forward to the final result.

It’s been two weeks since I started my experiment. This week has given me smaller gains, but I’ve still grown, so no complaints here!

The third week has been very good for me and I’ve seen some great gains over the last couple of sessions. It feels like I’m getting a bigger expansion and I’m able to fill more of the tube, handling more pressure. I’ll do erection measurements at the end of the challenge, as flaccid gains come first and erect gains later.

Going into this challenge I never thought I’d see considerable gains so quickly, but I’m impressed by the results so far. My penis is fatter and longer. It also hangs “fuller” and feels like there’s more meat on the bone!

The fifth week was a bit of a disappointment for me. I think I was expecting growth week after week, but I guess my dick needs time to rest, heal and grow. On the plus side, I’m still getting a great expansion in the tube. This is Bathmate Hydroxtreme and my girth is almost filling it, so that’s a great feeling. I’m positive these results will cement over time and lead to increased permanent results in length and girth. I’ll take this week on the chin and prepare for the final result next week. Stay tuned folks.

Finally, I’ve made it! And I’m so happy to be here! It’s been quite the challenge, but I’ve succeeded and achieved results better than I expected. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any erect gains in such a short time, but it’s clear miracles still happen.

Watch the video below to see where my penis enlargement journey has taken me and to see the length and girth gains I’ve achieved over the last 6 weeks.

My friend shows how to use a penis pump and shows results from using penis pumps (Bathmate Hydromax 9 and Bathmate Hydroxtreme 9). The Bathmate Hydromax pump is an older Bathmate hydropump version.

This is one of the biggest and most impressive results that have been achieved using the penis pump. With the help of Bathmate Hydroxtreme, my friend was able to increase his penis length size by an impressive 8.75 inches. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the penis pump and the positive impact it can have on the lives of its users.

Whether you are looking to improve your penis size, increase your confidence, or simply improve your overall sexual health, this penis pump can help. This is a powerful and effective tool that is designed to deliver real, noticeable results safely and naturally.

So, if you’re looking to make a change in your life and take your size and confidence to the next level, be sure to give Bathmate Hydroxtreme a try today!

Hydroxtreme box


After using Bathmate for several weeks, I am thrilled to share my incredible before and after pictures. The transformation I have experienced is truly remarkable, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Throughout my Bathmate journey, I have noticed a significant improvement in both length and girth. Not only has my confidence skyrocketed, but my partner has also noticed the difference and is equally impressed.

One of the key factors that contributed to my success with Bathmate is consistency. I followed the recommended routines and incorporated the tips provided by experts to maximize my results.

If you are ready to experience the incredible benefits that the Bathmate pump provides, I highly recommend giving it a try. Join the thousands of satisfied users who have achieved amazing before and after results with this revolutionary device.

Remember, your satisfaction and safety are of utmost importance. Stick to the recommended routines, follow the tips provided, and only purchase Bathmate Hydroxtreme from the official website to ensure the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Bathmate Hydro Pump Work?

Bathmate hydro penis pump is designed to help men enhance their penis size and improve their sexual performance. This male enhancement device works on the principle of hydrotherapy, using water to create a vacuum around the penis. This vacuum increases blood flow, resulting in stronger and firmer erections.

Which Bathmate Should I Buy?

There is a different model of Bathmate available, each catering to different needs and preferences. The models include the Bathmate Hydro, Bathmate Hydromax, and Bathmate Hydroxtreme. Hydro is suitable for beginners, while Hydromax pump offers more advanced features. Bathmate Hydroxtreme is ideal for those seeking maximum gains and comes with additional accessories like a handball pump.

Are Bathmate Gains Permanent?

Yes, Bathmate penis pump can give you permanent gain with regular and consistent use. The hydro pumps stimulate tissue growth and expansion, resulting in increased length and girth over time. However, it is important to maintain a routine to sustain these gains. Read my Bathmate review for more information.

How to Use Bathmate?

Using a Bathmate pump is simple. Start by filling the device with warm water, then place it over your flaccid penis. Pump the device to create a vacuum, which will draw blood into the penile tissues. Read our step-by-step guide for more information.

How Long Does Bathmate Results Last?

The duration of results can vary from person to person. However, with long time use and a consistent routine, you can expect to see lasting results. It is recommended to continue using the Bathmate pump to maintain the gains achieved.

Can Bathmate Cause Ed?

No, the Bathmate pump does not cause erectile dysfunction (ED). In fact, it can help improve erectile function by promoting blood flow and enhancing vascular health. However, it is important to use the device as directed and avoid excessive pressure or overuse, which could potentially cause discomfort.

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