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8 New Places to Have Sex at Home Besides the Bed!

  • by Justin Josh
8 New Places to Have Sex at Home Besides the Bed!

It’s time to be adventurous! You need marriage help because your relationship with your spouse is falling apart. The root of your problem: sex. It’s either there’s too little sex or it’s not as good as it were before. But don’t worry, your dilemma may not be as serious as you think. Remember how you regained your inspiration for work – or even life – with a simple change of scenery? That could work wonders for your sex life, too!

Sex at Porch Swing

It’s going to be physically demanding but yes, it is possible to have sex on the porch swing. The two of you could be seated on the swing or one of you could be standing – it’s your choice, really. Of course, the thrill of being caught just adds to the excitement of it all.

2. Unfinished Room

Is there any room in the house that’s currently being remodeled or renovated? If so, that’s yet another perfect new setting for some hot and wild sex. You could do it on the floor – just make sure you don’t end up literally lying on a bed of nails – or with your wife’s back against the wall. It’s all about finding the perfect spot and then letting your imagination free. Also, you can think of this as a new way of christening the most recent addition to your home.

3. The Rooftop

Who cares if you don’t have a penthouse? The roof would do just as well in giving you a great view of the moon and the stars. After enough moments of romantic and cozy cuddling, it’s time to get busy. Since you’re way above most people’s lines of sight, it’s comparatively safe to take all your clothes off. There’s still a risk of getting caught, but again, that’s just going to make the sex even better. Also, having late night winds caress your skin would only serve to enhance your foreplay.

4. Living Room Table

Most people have probably tried making love on the kitchen counter already because that’s always something you see on TV or books but have you ever tried making love on top of the center table of your living room? Give it a try and you’ll realize that this particular setting creates its own kind of forbidden thrill. Just make sure there are no fragile or breakable décor in the area. They could be at grave risk when you start screaming and thrashing in pleasure.

This could be a bit more difficult to achieve if you’ve got a small center table but don’t let that stop you!

5. The Banister

Sex at The Banister

Again, many fictional works feature couples – regardless of whether they’re married or not – having sex on the stairs. The End of the Affair – a movie featuring Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore – has a particularly good love scene with that kind of setting. Intercourse didn’t exactly take place, but surely you’ll know how to get from Point A to Point Z, right?

But here’s a thought. Since this is all about broadening your sexual horizons as a couple, why not taking the making-love-on-the-staircase to the next level by hoisting your wife on the banister and making love there? Needless to say, it’s best not to take a risk by starting at the very top of the staircase. The foot would do better because that way, you’ve not that far to fall if both of you lose your balance.

The great thing about this set is that you can position your wife exactly the way you want her and in a way that would maximize sexual pleasure for both of you.

The banister is more of a good place for sexual foreplay than intercourse itself but if you do find a viable way to completely make love without breaking any bones then, please, do share!

6. Against the Windows

Figure a way to get rid of all other people at home – your kids, your in-laws, the household help – because this is one of the riskier ways to explore your home for sexual encounters.

Next, choose any windows in your home – if it’s full length then so much the better! The idea is to show nothing while you’re completely exposed and doing something naughty with your spouse. Your wife could stand next to the windows, pretending to watch the daily going-on in the neighborhood but in truth, she’s trying to keep herself from screaming out pleasure as you enter her again and again from behind.

We’re willing to bet that you’re going to love this so much you’ll want to do this again and again.

7. The Balcony

Sex at The Balcony

If you’ve already done it on the balcony of your hotel or resort suite then why shouldn’t you make love on your very own balcony as well? Granted, the risk of being caught by someone you know is a lot higher but hey, what’s life without a little danger here and there, right?

For the risk-averse couples, here’s a compromise: you can make love on the floor of your balcony. No one’s going to see you, but the idea that there could be – or there are – people outside going about their business while you have sex a couple of feet above them would put both of you on fire.

8. The Garage

Sex at The Garage

Leave the garage door open. Then enjoy a little bit of naughty foreplay while in plain view of others. You could be tinkering with the car while your wife flashes you a glimpse of her nice body once in a while. The key is to do everything to arouse each other with no one else the wiser of what’s happening.

If both of you have reached the point of no return, it’s time to park your car with the trunk facing the street. Now open the hood of your car and stand behind it. You know what to do next, don’t you?

These are not the only places besides the bed that you can enjoy sex at home. You just have to be more imaginative as usual and the sexual rewards will be infinite!

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