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How to Last Longer in Bed? – My Special 3-Step Method!

  • by Justin Josh
How to Last Longer in Bed - My Special 3-Step Method!

Did you know that you can learn how to last longer in bed with the use of a special 3-step method? Well not only is it true, but I’m about to show it to you right now!

You see, knowing how to last longer in bed really is all about strategy.

If you’re reading this then chances are you’ve just picked up a few habits that you repeat unconsciously during sex that cause you to orgasm early.

And the frustrating thing is that you’re probably not even aware of these habits that are in fact NEGATIVELY impacting your ability to last long.

But since I can’t come and personally examine your approach to sex (not that you’d probably want me to either) I’m instead going give you a 3-step method you can use on how to last longer in bed that will replace most of these negative habits with empowering ones.

Let’s get straight to it.

Step 1 - Use masturbation to condition yourself to last longer.

Step 1 - Use masturbation to condition yourself to last longer

If you’re like most men then the chances are that during childhood or young adulthood out of fear of embarrassment of being “caught in the act” you picked up the habit of masturbating with the intention of trying to orgasm as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately every time you rush through masturbation you are conditioning your body to last just as long during sex, which is a habit you’ve just got to stop.

And the way to stop this is while masturbating when you find yourself close to orgasm just stop all the stimulation completely and wait for about a minute until the desire to orgasm subsides. When it’s gone start up the pleasure again and continue until you’re close to orgasm and then stop again. Repeat this 3 or 4 times until you’ve been masturbating for as long as you’d like to last during sex at which point you can let yourself orgasm.

This is a great exercise to recondition your body how to last longer in bed.

Step 2 - Thrust slow at the start of sex.

Step 2 - Thrust slow at the start of sex

The first few minutes of sex are when your penis experiences an almost overwhelming amount of pleasure just by the sensation of being in the vagina. If you add fast thrusting on top of that you’ll find it very difficult to avoid premature ejaculation.

So I recommend that at the start of sex you take things VERY slow. So ridiculously slow in fact that it might seem strange to you (she won’t mind by the way, because she’ll just think you’re teasing her). After a few minutes of thrusting VERY slow, your penis will begin to get used to the feelings of being in her vagina and you’ll then find it’s possible to thrust faster without the sudden need to ejaculate.

Step 3 - Use a sex position with her on top.

Step 3 - Use a sex position with her on top

One great strategy on how to last longer in bed is to get her on top with you lying flat on your back. What makes this position so great is that here you can fully relax your body, especially your leg and butt muscles.

The reason this is so great is that by relaxing these muscles you make it a lot more difficult for your body to orgasm. Muscle tension in your leg and butt is almost essential to experience an orgasm, so if you take that away by relaxing you can last a lot longer… And the sex position with her on top and you on your back is one of the few positions in which you can do this.

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