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Penis Punps: Sore Penis Prevention With a Penis Pump

The penis pump is often prescribed as an aid for men who have erectile dysfunction issues that don’t respond to other interventions. But there are also many men free of such issues who use the penis pump for what might be termed “recreational purposes” – to grow their penis temporarily, often in a manner which gives it an “inflated” look. There can be penis health concerns when using a penis pump, including a sore penis. Taking steps to prevent this sore penis is advised.

It should be noted that many medical professionals caution against the use of a penis pump unless prescribed by a doctor. Because the pump involves using a tightly sealed cylinder to create a vacuum around the penis which then draws blood into the organ, there is a risk of injury, especially if it is used improperly.

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Sore penis prevention

It makes sense that a penis pump might create a sore penis situation. After all, the penis is being manipulated in a manner to which it has proven resistant (for those with erectile issues) or a manner which hopes to extend its growth in an unfamiliar pattern (for many seeking an inflated look). For some men, soreness may be inevitable. However, the following tips can be helpful in reducing the potential for soreness.

1. Read and follow the instructions. This is absolutely essential. Soreness and more severe injury are much less likely to occur if a man uses the penis pump correctly. Pumps acquired through a medical prescription should include reliable and thorough instructions and warnings. However, be advised that some pumps not acquired through medical prescription may not be regulated and therefore may not include full and complete instructions.

2. Select the right pump. Be sure to get a cylinder that will comfortably accommodate the penis. If starting out, be sure that the pump is not one intended only for more “advanced” users and has a gauge that includes a sufficiently low-pressure setting. Too high a pressure setting, especially when starting out, can cause a sore penis.

3. Use lube. Unless otherwise specifically stated in the instructions, the penis should be lubricated before being inserted into the cylindrical tube.

4. Slow and steady is good. Many men may want to “jump in head first,” so to speak, to the penis pump experience. However, it is important to take things slowly and not rush. Because the penis is going to be manipulated in what may be an unfamiliar manner, it’s akin to exercising a muscle that hasn’t been used in a particular way. It takes time to get the penis accustomed to the manipulation. The pump should not be used for too long a time (especially during the first few sessions) or at too high a pressure reading. And although the pump usually can be used on a daily basis, it’s better to not do so initially but build up to that. (If given prescribed instructions, it is important to follow those to the letter.)

5. Use penis rings sparingly. Many men will slip a penis ring on the base of the penis after the pump has successfully achieved the desired erection. It is usually recommended that the ring be used only for a limited length of time; thirty minutes is often the recommended period.

6. Stop if it doesn’t feel right. If a guy thinks he may have an injury, he should immediately stop the use of and remove the pump until the penis is healthy again.


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